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Why it is beneficial to have plants in your house

Have you ever visited national parks or forests, where you see a lot of green plants around you and that makes you feel relaxed physically and mentally? These oxygen providers can also reduce your level of anxiety when you are around them. Not only that, but some of these plants are also edible if you plan to take care of them in your house to save costs and increase food intake. Here are the reasons why you should consider having plants in your houses:

1. They can strengthen your concentration and memory.

Taking care of plants in your house creates a calming atmosphere around you and this is conducive to positive work environments. The quality of your performance when working will be much higher and the accuracy rate will definitely be better than working in environments devoid of nature. In fact, when you are under the influence of plants, your memory retention is increased by up to twenty percent, according to research. Furthermore, the activity of growing plants will also impact ways of thinking in your family. For example, you will start to develop a cultural awareness of the importance of natural environments as plants can have a positive impact on their surroundings (1).

2. They assist in reducing stress and improving productivity

According to research among workers in Sydney, it was reported that having plants in the workplace is able to reduce tension, anxiety, and depression. It also showed that the well-being and performance of workers can be improved by only having one plant in their environment (2). This is also due to the green color of plants which already has a positive association with our brains since evolution. In specific, the ancestors that were born long before us associate plants as indicators of places that can sustain life. Thus, we are more likely to perceive green as something relaxing, healthy, and natural (3).

3. They remind us to take care of ourselves

When you own something, they are a reminder that you are responsible for its growth. It is also a matter of how we are handling our own responsibilities. Plants cannot thrive if you only value their existence instead of their growth, thus, this shares the same similarity with your life. Working to improve your mental well-being requires you to put care and attention to make progress. Similarly, if the plants you own are not making any progress, it might be a sign indicating that you should take a look at your life as well. This is because humans and plants almost share the same requirements to thrive in life, such as needing fresh air, sunlight, and healthy nutrients to survive and grow (4).

Bottom line

It is fully beneficial for you to have plants in any part of your environment. The different type of plants also offers you ways in taking care of them. You can use either the traditional style of farming or hydroponic farming in growing your plants. The difference is that it is much easier to have hydroponic plants as they only use technology and water to grow. Lucky for you, you should look no further in learning more about hydroponic farming as I can tell you where to look. Singapore’s Sgreen Fresh provides you with all the knowledge needed to create your own hydroponic farm. They also offer workshops for those of you who are interested in learning about hydroponics. Please visit for more information.

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